Arsenal Chat • Re: Wenger's Replacement

Arsenal Chat • Re: Wenger's Replacement
Progress is subjective. It could be argued that The Club has progressed every year since the Highbury move.

You expect on-field progress every year ? Otherwise we can expect the protesters to revert back to the banners ??

Firstly, there’s more to a Club than what goes on during the 90 minutes. Secondly, endless progress is high expectations, Nick. Not a little extreme you don’t think ?

BTW, don’t ask me about Wenger’s replacement, as I’ve been backing a bloke who just got the boot by Everton :? Shows what I know !

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Arsenal Chat • Wenger's Replacement

Arsenal Chat • Wenger's Replacement
I saw Gary Neville talking about this , As the AW dynasty and image is so strong what we will need is a strong well know manager who can be his own man and not let the past bring him down , which he said would happen if the choice was a young manager and this was his first big job. This initial manager could be just a short term to allow some space.
This sort of made sense to me but we currently have a year left with AW and with a major argument of some that there is no one who could replace AW, should we be looking around now for his successor? Would getting someone as a number 2 who could take his place if not now then in a few years be an option.
I worry that at the end of the year we are in a situation where we have to offer AW a new contract – which is fine if we have done well and feel he could push us forward but not if its because there are no other options , alternatively we could pick the wrong option and it could all go pear shaped being due to poor planing rather then anything else.
Off course the Board could be already looking forward and have the matter in hand, but to be honest, I don’t really have the greatest of confidence in that.

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Football From Around The World • Re: Van Gaal

He’s been treated very poorly. The club has lacked class in its managerial dealings for a few years now. However, I think the writing was on the wall for him when he said the expectations were too high. They think they are the biggest club in the world (they aren’t) and should be fighting for the league each season (their history says otherwise). Maureen might bring some short-term gains – but Manu have had 3 successful managers in their history and all of them played the long game.

I actually thought that Manu needed LVG – they had no concept of retention of the ball until he came along and I think he had to coach basics into them to get that. It translated into ‘boring’ football at first but it was absolutely necessary on the road to a more ‘total football’. Their shape, their defensive strategy, their ability to close out games using less energy were all improved massively this year. In the face of a massive injury crisis he brought on young kids who thrived in the new system. I think given another year he’d of made some serious dents in the league.

Maureen might now take advantage of that hard work and instill a massive short-term belief – they might even win the league in a couple of years – but more likely it will all be about Maureen and it will implode because of it before his contract is up.

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Arsenal Chat • Re: Summer Transfers

79Clockender wrote:
From what i’ve seen of Morata, he’s light years ahead of Giroud with regards to technique, ability and what he brings to the table. He’s goal return is the obvious concern.

If Morata isn`t a natural goal-scorer he isn`t much use to us, we have plenty of skilful players without the need of one more. We need a Suarez type player who will score 25+ a season and then we may win the league.

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Football From Around The World • Jose Mourinho

Thynker wrote:
Charity shield? Who gives a f..k about the charity shield… Jesus you sound like a Spurs supporter.
Wenger has NEVER beaten Mourinho in a competitive game.

Actually, the Irish punch above our weight more than most countries.

When I think depressive, I think Jeremy Kyle. Now there’s an insight into England.

I have incredibly high standards. That’s all.

Others may not.
But if I may quote the outgoing club captain, ”“But for me it is clear that we should have won this Premier League.

“We have the ability, the depth, the squad and the mentality. But something was missing and we cannot accept that at this level.

“And next year is going to be even harder.””

If the club captain agrees with me then I must be saying something right.

Yeah, ‘cos we’re all like that. Nothing like a bit of casual racial stereotyping eh?

Nothing wrong with high standards though.

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Arsenal Chat • Re: Worst final points total in 4 years…..

Giroud has been guilty of missing some absolute whoppers this past season, he’s leading candidate for that. But he’s not the only one though, without having to trawl the memory bank, quite a few haven’t had their shooting boots on as our goals scored tally suggests.
Walcott and Ramsey in particular have been guilty in missing chances in games where we could and should have taken more points.

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