Arsenal and Social Media

In response to this piece… On LinkedIn I placed the following reply. Every Arsenal app that the club has released has been more of a slideshow with the obvious if you want more then you need to pay for it. Arsenal closed down their official forum about 5 years ago now because they wanted … Read more Arsenal and Social Media

Season Review – I Believe Overall

I’ve never been so disappointed to finish 2nd. But I’ve never been more ecstatic to finish 2nd the way we did. Last summer I was waiting patiently for a signing or two – Cech was the start of what I thought would be a breakthrough summer. We hadn’t lost anyone good for a few years … Read more Season Review – I Believe Overall

Season Review – 8 Years of FA

Wasted opportunity, again! Getting second but being 10 points behind Leicester! Not good enough again! We all now if Wenker had got decent players in, we could have had a really good go. Problem with second is yet another false dawn. Best finish in 11 years, will do nothing for our predicament. Out dated manager, … Read more Season Review – 8 Years of FA

Someone’s getting sacked in the morning…

Whilst everyone was commending the club and its security staff for the swift way in which they dealt with the potential bomb threat, it now seems that they may have been inadvertently responsible. The Daily Mail’s Mike Keegan reports that the ‘incredibly realistic’ hoax bomb was so realistic because it was designed to look that … Read more Someone’s getting sacked in the morning…

A Little Team Down The Road

Once upon a time there was a team that needed one point to secure the their best position in the league in most people’s living memory. Added was the bonus of finishing above their closest neighbours a team of which they harboured a strong feeling of jealousy. All they had to was get a point … Read more A Little Team Down The Road