Season Review – 8 Years of FA

Wasted opportunity, again! Getting second but being 10 points behind Leicester! Not good enough again!

We all now if Wenker had got decent players in, we could have had a really good go. Problem with second is yet another false dawn. Best finish in 11 years, will do nothing for our predicament.

Out dated manager, a lot of very mediocre players. Owner and board who don’t give a shit, those books have balanced out nicely again, and that second place trophy will be viewed as a great success. So what can we expect now? Not a lot. Same old bollocks excuses re transfers, same ideology and mind games by Wenger.

Extended Wenger contract. 1 or 2 meaningless signings if we are “lucky”. Players extending contracts and holding out their money grabbing mitts, because ” they are worth it” More in fighting! AKBs saying what they usually say. Anti Wengerites being that voice blowing in the wind.

More thuggish tactics by our own stasi stewards. Some Press pointing fingers saying maybe Wenger does know best, others saying he doesn’t. Wengers arrogance and ego will be enhanced by that second place trophy.

Fans getting screwed again, with prices going up. Finally to top it all that useless wig wearing twat doing what he does best, fuck all! and milking us for what he can get. I could go on, but what’s the point you get the message.

Oh and happy St Totts Day.

Someone’s getting sacked in the morning…

Whilst everyone was commending the club and its security staff for the swift way in which they dealt with the potential bomb threat, it now seems that they may have been inadvertently responsible.

The Daily Mail’s Mike Keegan reports that the ‘incredibly realistic’ hoax bomb was so realistic because it was designed to look that way – as it was a prop for a terrorism training exercise.

According to the Mail exclusive, the ‘suspicious package’ that caused the whole drama was a fake bomb used in an safety exercise by an external company that was accidentally left in one of the stadium toilets.

It was discovered on Sunday just before the game and of course, all the normal precautions were implemented. As the Mail explain:

“It is understood that in what appears to be a staggering blunder, the ‘bomb’ was left by an external training company at the stadium in error in the days leading up to the game on the final weekend of the Premier League season.”

The story is incredibly embarrassing for United and is somewhat typical of their blundering ways this season.


A Little Team Down The Road

Once upon a time there was a team that needed one point to secure the their best position in the league in most people’s living memory.

Added was the bonus of finishing above their closest neighbours a team of which they harboured a strong feeling of jealousy. All they had to was get a point against a team that were already relegated. A team that had 10 men for the last half hour but they blew it not by one goal but a total implosion of 5 -1. It happened again just like the previous 21 years.

The moral when the shit hits the fan the enemy of our enemy became our friends and the crowd were united again.

Potter – 15/05/2016