Friday night games...

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Friday night games...

Postby Thynker » Sun Aug 21, 2016 10:32 pm

I don't like it.

Was out on Friday night and the match was on. Really took away from a Friday night atmosphere in the pub.
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Friday night games...

Postby Red Snapper » Mon Aug 22, 2016 9:17 am

Me neither. It was tried before when the BBC had live matches (!) and I remember Tony Woodcock putting us in front at OT then me having to go out and missing the rest of the game. Just as well, we lost 4-2 or something. It was dropped because no one liked it but at that time of course the clubs probably only made 50 quid out of it!

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Re: Friday night games...

Postby potter » Mon Aug 22, 2016 2:10 pm

Lower league clubs tried to play on Fridays because their gates were affected by local first division / Premierleague matches in their area. Then as T.V got their hands on early and late kick offs and Sunday and Monday matches c/w European games on Tuesday , Wednesday and Thursday it was inevitable that they would want Friday as well.
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