Spurs game

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Spurs game

Postby Thynker » Sun Jul 12, 2020 5:50 pm

There had been talk that Mustafi would be offered a new contract.
I doubt that'll happen now.

Spurs constantly attacked down our right.
Sometimes another time shows you where they think you are weak. Mourinho thinks it's Bellerin and Mustafi combo. He rarely went for Tierney (who can defend)

I think we'll see a flat back 4 next season.

I can't stand Pepe. Always looking to check back. Saka immediately looked to drive forward and he jas teo good feet. Pepe's lack of right foot really pisses me off
Wenger out!!
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Spurs game

Postby Rainham Red » Sun Jul 12, 2020 5:59 pm

We were very disappointing, our buildups were so slow it gave the Spurs defense plenty of time to organize. I know it wasn`t an important game but losing to Spurs always hurts. I was very disappointed with Aubi he is our Captain and best player but he might as well not been on the pitch in fact at times I thought he wasn`t.

Lucky it`s only Liverpool and Man City the next two games.
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Re: Spurs game

Postby Tenbob » Tue Jul 14, 2020 3:23 pm

Spurs were poor but still managed to beat us,only consolation is the current back 3 myth of being any good has imploded.
Just wanted to finish above them ,which now looks slim.
“ Arsenal come streaming forward now in surely what will be their last attack. A good ball by Dixon, finding Smith, for Thomas, charging through the midfield. Thomas, it's up for grabs now! Thomas! ”
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