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Rainham Red
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I always thought Pele was the greatest footballer of all time but watching Messi last night I might be changing my mind. What a performance! Spurs fans have been saying that Kane is the best striker in the world in truth compared to Messi he is just about good enough to polish Messi`s boots.
Messi has scored 573 goals in 679 games incredible!

Topic starter Posted : 04/10/2018 8:37 am
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Best I've seen, always go back to the first champions league game at the Emirates against Barcelona.
The best side I've ever seen,especially the first thirty minutes,and he was in the thick of it.
Just brilliant.

“ Arsenal come streaming forward now in surely what will be their last attack. A good ball by Dixon, finding Smith, for Thomas, charging through the midfield. Thomas, it's up for grabs now! Thomas! ”

Posted : 04/10/2018 2:59 pm
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He’s never delivered in a World Cup , Maradonna, Pele , Beckenbauer carried their countries at times , I’d have both Messi & Ronaldo behind them.

Posted : 05/10/2018 3:57 am